Patrick Rinard

Patrick Rinard

CEO, Bee Window

Patrick Rinard is the CEO of Bee Window, Inc., a 41-year-old regional home remodeling company located in Fishers, IN. He and his team are dedicated to ensuring that BEE'S customers receive a 5-star experience throughout their home renovation process. The mission is to help homeowners enhance their most valued asset with the highest quality products while delivering exceptional installation and customer service that leave our customers delighted. Patrick and his team aim to make every home improvement project a seamless and enjoyable experience.

In addition to focusing on customer satisfaction, Patrick and his team are committed to providing an excellent working environment for their employees. Patrick believes that a happy, motivated team is key to delivering outstanding service. By maintaining a strong, supportive workplace for our employees, we ensure that they are equipped and motivated to provide the best service possible.

Over the past 8 years, Patrick and his team have successfully grown the company by more than 300%, expanding their market share and growing from 54 to over 100 dedicated employees. Patrick and his team are now focused on further growth within the state of Indiana and Southwest Michigan, continuing the journey of excellence in home remodeling with one satisfied customer at a time.

Patrick and his team have helped Bee Window become recognized by Power 100 INC as the #1 ranked home remodeler in the state of Indiana for 3 straight years. Patrick himself ranks within the top CEO's nationwide and currently holds the 12th Ranked Spot within the Home Remodeling Industry according to Power 100 INC.

Patrick is currently in the process of helping facilitate the process of going from a family-owned business to an employee owned business through the conversion to an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan).

Outside of Patrick's professional career, he is a competitive golfer and enjoys a side game here and there, that comes with his famous saying “FAST PAY MAKES FAST FRIENDS” so in other words, bring your wallet! He and his wife currently live in Westfield, IN and have five children.