Michael Valente

Michael Valente

Founder & CEO, Renovation Sells

Michael Valente, Renovation Sells Founder & CEO, has an infectious entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for transforming homes. As a licensed general contractor and real estate agent with over 1,000 construction projects under his belt, Mike brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table.

Driven by a desire to be his own boss and make a meaningful impact on communities everywhere, Mike dove into construction, renovating and flipping homes for both himself and for clients. This journey led him to discover a real problem faced by realtors - outdated listings that hindered quick sales.

Recognizing that the demand for a simple presale renovation solution extended far beyond Chicago, Mike and his co-founder and wife, Amanda, embarked on an ambitious journey. They strategically expanded the business through franchising, driven by a shared goal of bringing hassle-free renovations to every community across the country.

Under his leadership, Renovation Sells has grown to nearly 50 locations. In just five years, the company has updated thousands of homes and is on track to be the first presale home renovation company to hit $100M in revenue.

With his skill for fostering deep, meaningful relationships, Mike plays a pivotal role as both an industry leader and a mentor. His dedication, expertise, and genuine care have been the driving force behind the company's success and bright future ahead.