Bob Cain

Bob Cain

Business Unit Leader, ECI BuildTools

Bob Cain is business unit leader of BuildTools and Bolt for ECI Software Solutions, a global provider of cloud-based business management software and services. Cain brings 25 years of experience in residential construction to his role, where he's focused on strengthening support, driving software development, and expanding the product team of experts to improve the overall customer experience.

Previously, Cain served in senior management positions for MarkSystems®, ECI's flagship enterprise resource planning software for residential home builders. Additionally, he holds a Certified Graduate Associate designation (CGA) from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and is a Certified NAHB Instructor with the University of Housing. Cain has also been involved in his local Home Builder Associations, BLSJ and NJBA since 2004 serving as Committee Chair on the Leadership Development Committee and BLSJ 2nd Associate VP.

Bob received his bachelor's degree from The College of New Jersey with a major in Business Information Systems Management and his associate degree from Rowan College at Burlington County in Liberal Arts and Science.

Bob has a wife, three kids and a dog. He is active in his community's youth sports programs. Bob serves on his town's tackle football board where he also coaches each Fall. He is also an assistant coach on his daughter's travel softball team.